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Why You Should Always Use Lubricant with Your Sex Doll

Sex dolls are replicas of the female human body – complete with the head, breast, body and most importantly, the genitals. What you usually do with a partner during sex is the same thing that you are doing with your sex doll.

But just like a female human partner, your sex doll is also subject to proper care in the private areas. You can never get in on smoothly if you are not lubricated enough, right? Same goes for your sex doll. Sexual activity will not be as pleasurable as you would expect if you are not prepared enough, more so your sex doll. But good thing that lubricants can also be used during sex with a sex doll, just like in a normal human sex. Either you use a lubricant yourself, or use a sex doll lubricant.

Sex Dolls and Lubrication

  • It is very common during sex that lubrication comes naturally from the female body, in order to encourage penetration that is smoother and with lesser friction. In other cases, lubricants are also used to enhance the sexual experience. Sex between a man and a woman is not the same as that between a man and a sex doll. Just like in human sex, the woman needs to get wet in order for the man to get in on. But unlike in human sex, dolls normally do not have such features that can make them get wet by itself. 
  • As of present, there are three known sexual lubricants in the market. The first one is water-based lube, the most commonly used one. It is made from water and is less reactive whether you are using it on your skin or a doll. Water-based lubes are readily available and are quite easy to clean off after sex.
  • Oil-based lubes are also common. They are a lot smoother and finer than the water-based lubes. A single application is always enough to last through the whole time. They can be messy, as they stain beddings and may not be easy washing them off your skin.
  • Silicone-based lubes are common but not meant for sensitive skin, even though they are hypoallergenic. They can cause itchiness or inflammation. It is always good to consult your doctor before using them. 
  • Whatever sex doll lubricant you may choose for your doll, make sure they are compatible with your skin type, and with your sex doll as well.
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Where Can You Buy A Love Doll?

What Are Love Dolls?

There is a current trend right now in the booming sex industry around the world ( adult paysites, hot live sex cams, voyeur websites, fuck dolls, etc). Word comes out about the existence of love dolls and their great pleasure capability. Because of that, people are getting hooked into trying to purchase one of their own and everyone’s interested in trying it out in their beds. The sex industry is truly an evolving world that caters to make our sex lives more exciting and pleasurable than ever.

But what are these dolls? Why are people buying love dolls? Love dolls are like big dolls that have the goal of pleasuring and taking us to greater heights of pleasure. That goal is what makes them appealing to everyone. They have great bodies with enticing curves that will turn you on and fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Male dolls have sculpted abs and rock-hard penises that will make anyone moan with pleasure ones it enters a hole. For female sex dolls, you can choose from small to big, taut breasts that are enticing for the eye and a great place to rub a guy’s penis. They also have tight holes for their vaginas which are a fulfilling pleasure for anyone.

The Right Places to Visit in Getting a Love Doll

These sex dolls come from a wide range of prices and styles. In buying love dolls, you must consider your budget. Can you afford the expensive ones or just the average dolls? Just a reminder that the expensive ones have a better quality that delivers a real sex experience for you. Aside from its price, you should also ponder what type of love doll do you want? Are you turned on by big breasts and a small waist? For women, do you like younger looking males with big penises? Whatever your preference, the sex doll world has it for you.

Another question that lies in the corner is the right place to get these dolls. Where can I go to purchase my sex doll? To answer that question, you can always visit sex toy stores in your area to check their availability and their sex doll collection. If their dolls are not your type, there is the option of buying it online. There are online websites or groups that sell sex dolls with various types and sizes. You can just browse them while sitting on your couch. Just a reminder, be responsible for your sexual urges, and happy shopping!

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For Totally Lifelike Sex Dolls, Get Ready To Pay Big

Customization is one of the services that’s most important when buying an expensive product. However, there is always extra cash involved – often a lot – when you want a full customization. If you’re shopping for a sex doll and want it fully customized so she will turn you on whenever you look at her or touch her, you should be willing to spend big.

Customized realistic sex dolls are a little different from realistic sex doll; they typically resemble premium, lifelike sex dolls, but manufacturers take extra steps for customized versions to meet your specific requirements. .

What Are The Customizations That Can Be Done?

Body Parts – This is usually the determining factor between premium sex dolls and extra-customized ones. You can alter the body parts of the premium realistic dolls to a limited extent; options range from their hair color and style, the size of their breasts and asses, to the color of their skin and even their nationality. Realistic sex dolls can also be purchased to resemble your favorite pornstar, depending on whether the model has agreed to cooperate – if she has, your love doll may be a near-perfect copy, down to an exact replica of her pussy created with a plaster mold. Creating your favorite pornstar that’s not on the option will take longer and the real actress should agree otherwise, there is no point in replicating her. It follows some legal liabilities so it isn’t something that can be easily done. However, if the porn star agree, it will fall down to a customized premium lifelike sex dolls so it will cost you more. The torso, arms and legs of lifelike sex dolls will also be movable, with an actual “backbone,” so they can assume every sex position imaginable. Of course, that will cost you extra as well.

AI Chips – As you probably know, the latest versions of love dolls are “intelligent” and able to respond verbally to you, thanks to artificial intelligence chips. It will cost you quite a bit more for the AI chips implanted in their brains.

Skin Texture – A lifelike sex doll will be made from either Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. There is a difference between the two. TPE is the most common type of rubber that’s used to make most high-end love dolls, and can be injected or molded. Silicone, on the other hand, is the more expensive material, particularly because it’s either high-grade or medical-grade material. But if you opt for the most realistic sex doll, silicone is your option and the price will be higher.

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Big Breakthrough In The Sex Industry: Realistic Love Dolls

Sex doll has its own rich history. It was the Nazis of Germany who first conceptualized the realistic doll we have today. It was in 1941 when Nazi invented the modern doll. It was part of the project Borghild Field-Hygiene Project” or also known as ”Geheime Reichssache,” translated as ”More secret than top secret.” The project was conducted to stop the death of Nazi armies caused by widespread of STDs.

In the United States, it was in 1968 that sex dolls were first advertised in porn magazines. It was at that time when sexual devices became legal to sell. And by the time of the 1980s, sex dolls and inflatables had been available in sex shops. The concept was still young and craftsmanship only focused on penetrable areas like mouth, vagina, and anus.

Fast forward, in the year 1996, when Matt McMullen first created the realistic woman sex doll that is anatomically correct in look and feels. Thus, the sex industry made another addition to its flick.

What’s The Next Thing For Realistic Sex Dolls

These sex dolls had become sexual objects. Porn addicts accepted the concept easily and since then indie filmmakers make use of these realistic sex dolls in some of their porn videos. It was only later that it had its debut in the mainstream porn industry through a brothel in Barcelona and that is the first in Europe. Aside from it, Japan is one of the pioneer countries that showcases what sex dolls are to the world. And we all know that Japan is a country where many kinky and sexually explicit stuff gets popularity first. For example, can you remember when video chat with horny girls started to be an obsession for most men in Japan? Or can you remember when ( more than a decade ago) there was an extreme spike in the popularity of cuckold sites there? There are many examples of similar behavior and phenomenons.

The Future Of Sex Dolls

Many indie adult companies including the mainstream porn and sex industry have a great perception with realistic sex dolls. Now that the new breed of AI-enabled realistic sex dolls, there is a market-ready for sex dolls for porn. It was only early last year that the first AI-based sex doll Harmony was created and showcased in front of tech giants and engineers. And it’s not surprising that Harmony has the ability to speak and react according to the situation between the doll and its owner.

With all the positive ruckus and features, it will not be too distant that sex dolls can have its full support in mainstream pornography. With robotics advancing each year, the fusion of robotics to realistic sex doll is only a matter of years from now. They will be fully commercialized and we expect that many single individuals aside from those who have a fetish for it, can avail these realistic dolls.

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TPE or Silicone Love Doll: Which Is Better?

The quality of the sex doll’s texture is one of the major factors when determining which is the best or which is the most resistant. With that, you might have heard of two types of materials where most love dolls are created. These are TPE, known as Thermoplastic Elastomer is a combination of rubber and plastic for consistency and elasticity. These dolls look so realistic that they can easily replace top rated cam girls and trick people they are real.

The other type is the silicone dolls, these are made on high-grade silicone on commercial levels. If you have undergone any breast augmentation procedures or silicone implants, you might have encountered the silicone. Silicone sex dolls are durable albeit its expensive price. That’s because it’s made of silicone which is one of the components in plastic surgery.

So which doll is capable of delivering a more realistic sex experience in bed? The TPE love doll or the silicone-made love doll?  This is actually a personal question that only you can answer. But in order to be more enlightened, we listed the difference between the two.

TPE Or Silicone Love Dolls


This isn’t something that will affect your choice but it’s best that you know the price of the love dolls you will make love with. Silicone love dolls are way more expensive than TPE dolls. Almost thrice the price if you will check on the website. So, imagine you are making love with a millionaire’s daughter compared to making love with an A-list actress.


When it comes to quality, this is where silicone might have a little advantage. As its price range suggests, silicones are more expensive so the quality is a match to its price. Silicone sex dolls can withstand heat, water and stain, so ideally, silicone dolls are matchy-matchy in your swimming or bath sessions. TPE love doll, however, can make you feel like having sex with a wild feline as the boobs and butts of the sex doll wobbles like a pro.


Of course, after every lovemaking session, the next thing to do is clean up. TPE dolls need a thorough cleaning. Every area of the doll should be spotlessly cleaned to avoid the formation of molds. Silicone dolls, on the other hand, are easy to sterilize as it’s not made of porous material that isn’t advised for prolong eater exposure.


Both of them are eye-catcher realistic love dolls. You wouldn’t even recognize that they are just dolls unless you took a closer inspection. Sometimes, they are used in cheap sexcams video shows as an addition to different types of life fetish cams sessions. This practice is getting in popularity with every new day. 

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Can You Put Clothing On A Sex Doll?

Sex Awareness of People

Sex has been privately discussed in the past but these days, people are becoming more aware of it and it has become to be a casual thing. While there still some places that consider it as something that must not be discussed publicly, there are places that are free to express themselves when it comes to sex. In addition to that, it has been discussed in schools so that people are knowledgeable enough when it comes to sex. Not only that, it teaches us to practice safe sex and avoid getting various sexually transmitted diseases. 

Moreover, people are doing casual sex these days, and some are still practicing safe sex as well. There are open relationships, and some are doing it for fun. But there are still some couples who do it romantically and it strengthens their bond as it makes them closer to each other than ever.

Sex Dolls and Its Clothing

Well, some people find it hard to have a certain relationship with people. Some can’t find someone to hook up with despite lots of apps that can help you to interact and to socialize with other people. But if you continue to have this kind of sexual urge, buying a sex doll could be the thing that you should be doing. With these kinds of things, sex doll clothing is possible as well which makes it even more enjoyable to have.

People tend to have some kind of fetish and it makes them, even more, arouse and want to go active on doing sex. Putting some sex doll clothing on these things allows us to have something fun and we can wear clothes to it anything that we want, and it increases our libido as we satisfy our fetish. Well, we all want to have that kind of satisfaction, right? With these sex dolls, we can do various sex positions and satisfying ourselves in a new way is possible with these things. So, you should give it a try if you are getting curious about it as you can avail of them on several stores in the world or even on the web. Sometimes, fuck dolls are used as object of demonstration, especially with live femdom cams sex shows.

All-in-all, things have greatly changed over the years and people are getting a lot of benefits from it. It is nice to experience these kinds of things, right? Who knows what we can get in the future and it may be something even more enjoyable and far better with what we have right now.

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Surprise! Some Sex Dolls Now Have Adjustable Body Temperatures

Technology Continues to Improve

The world continues to experience vast changes and most of them are helping in improving each people’s lives. With these breakthroughs, people make use of these things to help them in their life. Imagine how our world would become after several years and I believe that they are in good hands with the bright minds that are shaping the world.

One of the greatest fruits of technology is the creation of sex dolls and it has proven its worth up to this point in time. Well, its primary function is to provide satisfaction and to help people to release the sexual urges that they are having for the time being. It is very helpful as well for those people who find it hard to have some hook-ups or tired of using sex dolls to satisfy themselves. These sex dolls offer a new amazing experience that is surely worthy of your time and your money.

Sex Dolls with Adjustable Body Temperatures

Sex dolls have become popular because it looks like a woman and it has body parts that most men adore. It has its private part, boobs, or even buttocks and you can do multiple sex positions with it as it has proven to be sturdy enough to withstand pressure. It is a nice feature that makes buyers want it even more and a lot of companies are offering quality sex dolls in their shops.

But the latest trend today with these are those heated sex dolls and these love dolls change its temperature from time to time which makes the experience even more realistic. These dolls allow you to adjust its body temperature and it could be on your preferred level for an unforgettable experience that is waiting for you.

In addition to that, these heated sex dolls are intelligent enough as it varies, and it can maintain at a certain temperature to its entire body and make you feel like you are having sex with a woman. Isn’t that a nice thing to have for an expensive doll, right? Well, I assure you that your money will be worth spending on the features that you are going to get with these sex dolls. These companies assure their buyers that they will be getting a quality product and they are even offering warranty and upgrades for their products. That’s why you should give it a try if you want and see what these dolls could give to you.

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